Vasu Kulkarni
Vasu Kulkarni


Vasu Kulkarni, the self-proclaimed biggest basketball fan in the world, had one mission in life: follow his love for the game. After completing a BS in Engineering at University of Pennsylvania where he also played on the JV Basketball Squad, Vasu founded Krossover, a sports analytics company that sold video and data tools to sports teams around the world. Vasu helped pioneer this industry and eventually sold Krossover to Stack Sports in 2017.

He went on to found ​​Courtside Ventures, an early stage venture fund investing in tech and media companies at the intersection of sports and gaming.

Vasu is an avid collector of sports memorabilia and independent watches. If he isn't looking at a venture deal, you can usually find him playing pickup basketball on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where he lives with his three cats, Swaggy, Bonsai, and Honkeyburger.

We have a pretty data-driven approach. We have about 20 different things that we look at when we are evaluating a deal. Every partner grades every deal that we bring in on these 20 criteria.

Vasu Kulkarni

On Courtside VC Approach


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